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Pool Safety Press Release

Our latest Pool Safety Press Release is available here. The release can be viewed in text format below or you can download the PDF sheet at the bottom of this page.


New pool safety laws now in force

CBAS Pool Safety Press Release, Summer 2011

With summer well and truly here, the need for pool safety is vital as children take to the water to cool down.

According to the Queensland Government Department of Infrastructure and Planning, between January 2004 and May 2010, 35 children under five drowned in residential pools in Queensland.  Many of these deaths would have been preventable with improved pool fencing safety in place.

To help safeguard young children from drowning or serious injury in pools, the Queensland Government has recently introduced the toughest pool safety regulations in Australia making it mandatory to have a pool safety inspection for those selling or leasing a property with a pool.

For pool owners not selling or leasing their property, mandatory pool safety inspections will be phased in over the next five years. But why wait until then to ensure your pool environment is safe?

As licensed pool safety inspectors, Coastal Building Approval Service can assist you in ensuring a safe pool environment by conducting safety inspections within 24 hours of booking*.

Director of Coastal Building Approval Service, Gordon Heelan, says that pool owners need not be daunted by the changes in legislation.

“The changes in these laws are quite significant and whilst they are difficult to interpret for the lay-person, qualified inspectors have been specifically trained in the new pool safety legislation,” Mr Heelan said.

 “Whether or not your property with a pool or spa is on the market, we recommend engaging a building certifier to ensure your pool is compliant and safe.”

Mr Heelan stressed the importance of proper pool safety inspections for all pool and spa owners, not only to comply with legislation but also to ensure the safety of all children that may have access to your pool.

“Whilst some people may see these new laws as an inconvenient they could be the difference between life and death.

“Many pool owners make the mistake of assessing the pool environment themselves thinking that a fence will keep young children out of the pool.  However they don’t take into account such things as faulty locks; climbable objects near the pool fence or changes to the surface height of lawns or gardens over time.”

Mr Heelan added that to ensure the safety of young children around a pool environment, pool owners and supervisors should follow the Queensland Government’s ABC of pool safety. 

“The most thorough safety inspection will never fully eliminate the chances of drowning or serious injury in a pool,” Mr Heelan said.

“That is why pool owners and supervisors must take responsibility for children’s safety by A, always supervising children near a pool; B, begin swimming lessons for children and C, closing the pool gate and keeping the fence maintained.”

Mr Heelan said that the changes in legislation will eventually affect all pool owners.