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Pool Laws Explained

Local building certifier takes confusion out of pool laws

From December 1, 2010 the Queensland Government introduces the toughest pool safety regulations in Australia making it mandatory to have a pool safety inspections for those selling or leasing a property with a pool.

Director of Coastal Building Approval Service (CBAS), Mr Gordon Heelan, said that once these laws come into effect, there will be increased pressure on sale contracts and settlement periods.

“The new legislation introduces updated restrictions on permanent and temporary pools and spas including inflatable wading pools.

“When selling a house, settlement cannot occur until a safety certificate has been issued by a certified pool safety assessor and this may delay a large number of property transactions,” said Mr Heelan.

Mr Heelan said that whilst the new legislation is difficult to interpret for the lay-person, (building) certifiers have been specifically trained in the new pool safety legislation.

“We recommend, if you currently have a property on the market with a pool or are planning to lease your rental property with a pool, to engage a building certifier to ensure your property is compliant with this latest legislation.

“With three certifiers on staff, pool safety inspections are currently being carried out within 24 hours of bookings. We are currently dealing with up to three inspections per day and are doing our best to take the pressure off buyers and sellers trying to reach settlement by Christmas.”

“The new standard introduces a number of regulations that many pool owners will not be aware of. I urge any pool owner, particularly those buying or selling, to get your pool inspected as soon as possible to ensure you are compliant with important safety standards,” Mr Heelan added.

According to the Queensland Government Department of Infrastructure and Planning, between January 2004 and May 2010, 35 children under five drowned in residential pools in Queensland.

“Whilst some people may see these new laws as an inconvenient they could be the difference between life and death.

“Many pool owners make the mistake of assessing the pool environment themselves thinking that a fence will keep young children out of the pool. However they don’t take into account such things as faulty locks; climbable objects near the pool fence or changes to the surface height of lawns or gardens over time.”

Mr Heelan added that regulations for current pool owners that are not selling or leasing their property will be phased in over the next five years.

“All it takes is a phone call or email to set up an inspection and you can have peace of mind knowing that you legally compliant as well as protecting any children that could possibly access your pool or spa,” Mr Heelan said.

Coastal Building Approval Service pool safety packages include inspection; written report; and safety certificate (if eligible) lodged to State Government; local council and pool owner. For further information or to arrange an inspection please call CBAS on (07) 4942 0266 or email admin@ccbuilding.com.au