Why can’t you live in a shed?
It is not a dwelling.  Sheds are designed to be sacrificial in poor weather conditions; they may blow away or leak.  They are not therefore designed for habitable purposes.

What changes need to be made to make a shed classed as liveable?
Have it designed as a dwelling in the beginning. Eg. Energy Efficiency, Soil Classification etc.

What size does a shed have to be to be classed as oversize?
Site specific – town plan specific.

What do I need to obtain an approval for an oversized shed?
Neighbours’ consent, plans and reason to have one, and reasons as to why your application should not be rejected by Council.

How much does it cost to obtain an oversized permit?
Approximately $2,500.00 – subject to change with Council Fee increases.

What plans do you need for a shed?
Site/Shed plan, engineering, footing, architectural, Form 15.

Do I need a soil report for my shed?
Site specific.

Do I need a Building Approval for a Garden Shed?
In Tropical Cyclonic Areas – Yes