Pool Fence Compliance

When do I need to obtain a form 23 (Pool Safety Certificate)?
When you are leasing or selling your property.

How do I go about obtaining a Form 23 if I am selling or leasing my property?
Contact Coastal Building Approval Service to obtain a ‘Booking Form’, which starts the process to enable a Pool Fence Compliance Inspection to be carried out and once compliant, a Form 23 (Pool Safety Certificate) can be issued.

What is A Form 23?
Form 23 indicates compliance of the pool fence with the current legislation.

How long is a Form 23 valid for?
Shared (resort etc) – 12 months

Non-shared (private dwelling) – 24 months

Will I need a Form 23 by 2015?
No, but your pool fence must be compliant with the current legislation.

For more information on pools and pool fences you may like to visit the State Government website on www.dlgp.qld.gov.au/poolsafety/