Outside the House (Not Shed)

Do we need building approval to put in a slab?
Depends what the slab is to be used for.

Are there any specifications for a slab when putting up a water tank?
A slab for a water tank is self – assessable.  However, the installer is liable should any damage happen to any adjacent property “Zone of Influence”.  You need to know the total weight of a full tank and design this to take into consideration the weight of a 5 tonne/5000 litre tank.   Will you be compromising any footings in the area?

What can you use as a tie down for a shipping container?
Site specific.  Please contact your Building Designer or Structural Engineer.

What size or weight does a shipping container need to be?
Site specific.

Do you need a building approval for a lawn locker?
Yes (in a cyclone area).

Can I enclose a patio with shutters etc. that don’t come with a wind rating?
Site specific. It will depend on how the shutters were approved.

Do I need a Building Approval for a Deck?
Yes – in a cyclonic area

Is there a minimum requirement for construction of a driveway?
It is self-assessed – currently no legislative requirements in Mackay.

Minor Works permit from local council for driveway crossover required.  Contact your Local Council.

Do I need a Building Approval for a Fence?
No. If the combined fence or fence/reinforcing wall is less than 2m high above normal ground.

When does a retaining wall need a building approval?
Generally if it is over 1m, or if a surcharge will be imposed on the retaining wall.

Do I need a Building Approval for a Pergola / Patio?
Tropical Cyclonic Areas – Yes.

Do I need a Building Approval for a Water Tank?
No, if the water tank has an area of less than 10m2, a height of no more than 2.1mt and any side greater than 5mt.

Do I need a Building Approval for a tank stand?

Can we get a structure approved/certified even though it has already been built?
Refer to newsflash 380 – issued 3 August 2009.

Do I need to obtain an approval from Local Council to put up a fence that is over two meters high and do I need to engage a private certifier to have it done?
Yes. Yes.