Private Certifiers

What is a Building Certifier?
A Building Certifier is an accredited professional who should possess building surveying qualifications and be registered to deliver accreditation services.

What is a Private Certifier?
A Private Certifier means a building certifier whose license under the Building Act 1975 has private certification endorsement under that Act.

What services do Private Certifiers provide?
Private Certifiers offer building approvals/inspections and issue final building approval. They have the same power as a Council in assessing applications for Building Approvals.

The Private Certifier acts as the Council in the public interest and has a professional responsibility to ensure that the application is complete and that it complies with the building rules, including the current version of the Building Code of Australia (BCA). COASTAL BUILDING APPROVAL SERVICE can assist with building inspections, on-site building advice and consultancy services.

How do I engage a private certifier?
Most private Building Certifiers advertise their services in the Yellow Pages, Local phone directory and or the Internet. Consumers can enquire about the accreditation history of a private or local government Building Certifier by contacting the Building Services Authority on telephone – 1300 272 272 (1300 BSA BSA)

As with the engagement of any contractor, it is wise to ask for details of past clients, so that enquiries can be made about the standard of service received.

The agreement to engage a private certifier must be in writing, and state the certification fee. Most Private Certifiers will have a standard engagement agreement; however, you should check that any conditions contained in the agreement are acceptable to you – refer ‘Terms and Conditions’

Will a Building Certifier act responsibly?
All accredited Building Certifiers are bound by a strict code of conduct, and have an obligation to always act in the public interest. Severe penalties can apply if they fail in these duties.

The Building Services Authority (BSA) carries out audits of Building Certifiers’ work, investigates complaints and can take disciplinary action against Building Certifiers’ found guilty of professional misconduct.

Any person may lodge a complaint with the BSA against the action of a Building Certifier.

The BSA also has available for purchase a publication entitled ‘Consumer Guide’, which  provides advice about the building process and building practitioners for people thinking of undertaking building work.

How do I obtain a written itemised quote?
In order to do up an accurate quote, please provide a Site Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, a brief description of the proposed building work being quoted on and contact details of the person we are sending the quote to eg. full name, postal address, email, phone to Coastal Building Approval Service. Once it has been established the level of service you require, a written itemised quote will be emailed, faxed or posted back to you for your consideration.

What forms do you need to disengage a Building Certifier?
Form 22 – Notice of Discontinuance of Engagement.