Dwelling / House – for Builders / Owner Builders

Can I draw my own plans?
Yes, but only if you are a Licenced Builder or Licenced Designer.

All Plans MUST be to scale and all required information is detailed on the plans as per guide produced by COASTAL BUILDING APPROVAL SERVICE

Will I receive a Certificate of Occupancy?
No.  These are only issued in NSW.  In Queensland you will be issued with a Certificate of Classification for Commercial – Form 11, Final Certificate for Dwellings & Sheds – Form 21

How many set of plans do I need?
COASTAL BUILDING APPROVAL SERVICE utilise an electronic Approval Database, so only one set of A3 plans will be required. Should the plans be on larger size paper than A3 (generally commercial development), please provide an electronic version.

How much Notice do I need to give for inspections?
24 hours’ notice is required for inspections as listed on the Decision Notice.  Inspection bookings close at 3.00 pm the day before inspection occurs.

How much time do I need to give to cancel an inspection?
For inclement weather – 2 hours, for all other reasons – 24 hours (please be aware that you may be charged for insufficient notice of cancellation).

Can my engineer do the inspections?
An Engineer is able to do inspections on particular aspects of the project but the Engineer must first be assessed by COASTAL BUILDING APPROVAL SERVICE as a Competent Person and a Form 7 completed and given to Coastal Building Approval Service.

What is QLeave and when does it apply?
QLeave is a Government levy that is payable on all building work (GST, materials and labour) with a dollar value of works value of over $80,000.00.

Do we need site plans for the demolition of a shed/house?

Where can we obtain a site plan from if we don’t have a copy of one?
Applicant to provide – see your building designer.

Do you need to get a building approval for a wall to go around a toilet cubicle even if it does not go right to the roof?
Site specific.

Commercial – May have to comply with the “Premises Standard”.

Residential – To comply with structural and BCA requirements.

Do I also need to get council to perform building inspections during building work?

The Building Certification System has been privatised and Local Council normally only provide services relating to Plumbing works and Town Planning Matters.

Council are the holders of public records and will receive a copy of all documentation given to us for Archiving purposes.

What do I need to provide for a development application?
Refer to the lodgement check sheet provided by Coastal Building Approval Service.

Is there a minimum size for a Class 1A building that you can get approved through council?
No, but it needs to meet minimum requirements for a dwelling.

Can we book an inspection in even though we have not been issued with a decision notice/building approval?

Will COASTAL BUILDING APPROVAL SERVICE require a copy of BSA insurance?
Yes. A copy of the BSA Confirmation of Insurance.

When is an Owner Builder Permit Required?
An Owner Builder Permit is required when the cost of the building work is over $11,000  (including materials and costs) and is being constructed by the Owner of the property.

Will COASTAL BUILDING APPROVAL SERVICE require a copy of Owner Builder Permit?

How much will the application cost?
As all Building Projects have different requirements and are located in different local Council areas please contact COASTAL BUILDING APPROVAL SERVICE to obtain a quote.

What documentation do I require for a quote?
Site plan (indicates site location/lot and plan), floor plan (size of job) and elevations (height requirements e.g MCU might be required).  Please send by e-mail or hand deliver.

What is MCU?
Material Change of Use.

I have just received my plumbing / relaxation from the council, do I need to send a copy to you?

This documentation may be required to enable us to issue the Building Approval and or Final Certificate.

How long does it take for my plans to be approved?
If all documentation is provided and the application has no Town Planning matters relevant, or other relevant approvals required, your approval process is 10 – 20 working days from ‘Properly Made’.

Where can we find the Australian Height Datum?
You will need to engage a land surveyor.

What is the Australian Height Datum?
In 1971 the mean sea level for 1966-1968 was assigned the value of zero on the Australian Height Datum at thirty tide gauges around the coast of the Australian continent.  The Australian Height Datum (AHD) was adopted by the national Mapping council as the datum to which all vertical control for mapping is to be referred.

How many kilo newtons in a tie down strap? (Where can I get this information from?)
Refer Manufacturers specifications and contact your Structural Engineer.

When will a building inspection occur?
As per Decision Notice.

When a building permit is given, a condition of the approval will be that certain mandatory inspections must be carried out.  Examples are:

  • Foundation / Footing: includes inspection of the foundation material and the reinforcing steel before concrete is placed;
  • Slab: includes a check on the bearing capacity of the soil, inspection of the moisture-proof barrier, and the reinforcing steel before concrete is placed:
  • Blockwork: including ‘Bond Beams’ after the placement of the steel work, but prior to core filling and or before the concrete is placed.
  • Frame / Truss: covers the inspection of the frame including timber sizes, fixing, tie-down, and bracing before the cladding or wall linings are fixed; and
  • Final: includes checking on any previous outstanding items and the collection of certificates such as termite protection, wet area membrane installation, glazing, and certification of engineer designed elements such as roof trusses.